Cultural Brokers Family Advocate, LLC
San Diego
Family Assessment
We do an assessment to find out the needs of the family
Parenting Inventory
This is  done to see what area, if any, the parents might need help parenting their children
Child Assessment
This is done to find out if there is anything gong on with the child/ren the parents might not be aware of
We make referrals for counseling, support groups, housing and parenting
​School Advocacy
We will advocate for the parent/caregiver if your child/ren need to have an IEP and the school is refusing
Parenting Class
We provide a parenting class through "Dream Weaver" which is developed around the raising and development of African American children
Court Appearances & Referrals to Attorneys
We will accompany you to court appointments for moral support and/or to verify your participation in the program
Child &Family TeamMeeting (CFT)
We will attend your CFTs so you will not make any wrong decisions. We will help you to understand what is going on and being said
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